Aaron Berger


What people are saying


- Joy Keeper -

Conference Coordinator
Manitoba First Nations Education Resource Centre

‘Aaron Berger, artist, musician, speaker has a gift that resonates and captivates all audiences of all ages. His ability to share the incredible journey of his life has impacted individuals who are in need or just need to understand. Aaron has reached deep into his own soul and shares the struggles and victories with his beautiful music and powerful lyrics. Whether it be a teacher, family member or student, Aaron speaks to the heart of any audience, any people of any culture. Kitchi-miigwetch Aaron Berger!


Grade 11 Student at E.L. Crossley Secondary School


"Recently I got the opportunity to be apart of Aaron Berger's inspiring presentation. Listening to his past and how he turned his personal tragedy into art was moving. Being able to meet Aaron has made a major impact on me and I strongly believe his story and music should be shared amongst others. We openly discussed mental health which is something we all deal with especially as teenagers. So being able to have the opportunity to talk about it allowed us to learn that we can overcome difficult situations. The struggles he had encountered and defeated really show true within his music. It all has opened my eyes and made an unforgettable impression on me as well as many others. I will take the lessons I've learned throughout this experience with me in life."

- Sean Aiken -

Author, Speaker, The One-Week Job Project

“Aaron is an incredible person with a powerful message. His remarkable story combined with wonderful music ability make for an engaging and unique keynote presentation that will surely inspire and entertain any audience that has the good fortune of hearing it. Don’t hesitate to bring him in to speak at your event, you will not regret it.”

- Autumn Garrigan - 

Youth Employment Consultant

"Aaron recently presented his journey to the Youth Job Connection program at Employment and Training Solutions, Niagara College.  By combining the inspiring story of his struggles, strength, and perseverance with the medium of music, participants were given the opportunity to learn about mental health in a unique platform.   The message that resonated following the presentation was the concept of interconnectedness and beauty that can be seen in life - one that youth can pull from from when they too feel alone or lost."

-Andrea Nann-

Artistic Director Dreamwalker Dance Company


I have the sublime pleasure of knowing Aaron Berger, an inspiring young artist who is a passionate singer/songwriter, a compelling public speaker and a genuinely authentic human.  Aaron is part of the Niagara Shebang ensemble, a group of curious, highly motivated and engaged artists who have been participating in an extensive creative process with Dreamwalker for the past three years.  Aaron is a tremendous inspiration in the group.  He is compelled to explore and open new ways for people to be together, to connect, to belong and to raise their voices in celebration of life.  


- Jon Goold -

Secondary Division
Drama, Music, and English

"Aaron Berger is a captivating performer and storyteller.  He skillfully blends his talents as an experienced actor and musician in order to produce something unique and mesmorizing. Back from the Brink is a story that is important for students to hear.  Aaron allows us to see what it feels like to experience depression, anxiety, feelings of not belonging, and loss.  These aspects of mental health can be challenging to discuss with young people but Aaron's unique performance does so openly and honestly. Aaron intimately shares his story using humour, colorful imagery, and beautiful music.  Aaron Berger's original performance Back from the Brink is perfectly suited for a large school assembly or an intimate classroom performance.  This is a good one."

- Mike Balsom -

Cooperative Education and Business Teacher, Laura Secord Secondary School

"Aaron Berger's story and presentation is gripping, humorous and inspiring. Through his words and music he takes young audiences on his journey, opening their eyes to the many connections that they all have, and that are often taken for granted. He helps them to see hope and love hiding behind their grey clouds. I highly recommend Aaron to schools and organizations looking to make the well being of their students and staff a priority."