Aaron Berger



Stories are powerful. They are the oldest form of human communication. Sharing stories can change the way we see and experience ourselves, others and the world. “Back from the Brink” is a mental health school presentation that tells the unforgettable true life story of award winning speaker, singer and songwriter Aaron Berger’s healing journey back from 2 months in the psychiatric ward of Greater Niagara General Hospital and a failed suicide attempt at the brink Niagara Falls. Making peace with the past, Berger has followed his dream of speaking to young adults about mental health with the goal of inspiring others to see their interconnectedness and remember that no matter what they go through they are not alone.

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Remade in the Mist: Singer Aaron Berger brings his painful story to students

Back From the Brink Coverage on Cogeco TV

CBC Radio "The story from here" (Starts at 6:40)